1. BASC Services will carry out the works set out in the Proposal on the terms and conditions provided hereunder and the Client has read and agrees to the Terms and Conditions.


  1. The price for the works shall be that set out in the Proposal. Any variation or additional works shall attract a further charge, as discussed onsite or via phone by Client. The only circumstances where any variation to terms will apply is where BASC Services has expressly agreed in writing to such variation. If there is any conflict with our terms of trade they will take priority over any other terms of trade.


  1. The Proposal is valid for 30 days. In the event the Client requires BASC Services to return to site for an additional or amended Proposal within 6 months of the initial Proposal then a charge of $88 (INC GST) for such further or amended Proposal may be incurred.


  1. Pricing within the proposal is on the basis that the works to be carried out by BASC Services are to be done within one (1) scheduled job visit, unless otherwise stated. In the event BASC Services are unable to complete works through no fault of their own in one (1) scheduled job visit due to access difficulties and/or bad weather then BASC Services reserve the right to reschedule or requote for the works remaining and provide a new Proposal.


  1. When scheduling the Clients work with BASC Services, credit card details will be required to secure the booking. No credit card transaction will occur until the works are completed. If no credit card is available a 50% payment via direct deposit is required and the balance is required three (3) days prior to commencement. Proof of deposit is required in the form of EFT receipt emailed to [email protected]


  1. It is the Clients responsibility to move any furniture as BASC Services does not accept responsibility for damage as a result of moving such items. The Client is also responsible for providing a clean working environment (for example, free of rubbish and/or animal waste) for BASC Services to commence work. In the event that BASC Services has to clean the site then further costs will be incurred.


  1. Information provided in this Proposal is only applicable to the items examined and reflects the condition of those items at the time of inspection. Changes to the items condition or surrounding infrastructure may invalidate this Proposal.


  1. All visual aids such as sketches and diagrams provided with this Proposal are not to scale and should not be used to construct engineering or architectural reports or surveys.


  1. The Client shall give BASC Services access to the site address at all such reasonable times as may be required by BASC Services to carry out the required works.


  1. Any legal titles and ownership of property are assumed to be held by the Client unless BASC Services is advised otherwise. It is the Clients responsibility to ensure any permits required to access and carry out works on the property are given, in writing, to BASC Services by the legal owner of the property prior to works commencing.


  1. The Client warrants that the property/project are not in breach of any applicable codes, ordinances or other government regulations. Any council permits required for works to be carried out are to be obtained by the Client and provided to BASC Services prior to works commencing.


  1. All due care has been taken by BASC Services to ensure information has been obtained from reliable sources, however, BASC Services can neither guarantee nor be responsible for the accuracy of the information provided by aforementioned sources.


  1. BASC Services shall not be liable for any loss or damage caused in accessing the site beyond the reasonable control of BASC Services. This includes (but is not limited to) any costs borne by BASC Services in relation to recovery of vehicles/machinery resulting from the instability of grounds and/or surfaces which BASC Services access to carry out the works.


  1. BASC Services shall be under no liability to the Client for any indirect loss and/or expense (including loss of profit) suffered by the Client arising out of a breach by BASC Services of this agreement.


  1. In the event of any breach of this agreement by BASC Services the remedies of the Client shall be limited to damages. Under no circumstances shall the liability of BASC Services exceed the price of the works.


  1. All bookings are subject to weather conditions. Inclement weather may result in bookings being rescheduled. Whilst every effort is made to anticipate weather related cancellations, BASC Services may need to reschedule bookings without prior notice. BASC Services will not be liable for any failure or delay caused by force majeure, inclement weather or any other delay outside the control of BASC Services.


  1. Cancellation of bookings must be made one (1) full business day to scheduled job commencement. Cancellations received inside of one (1) full business day will incur a fee of $120 (INC GST).


  1. In the event BASC Services crew presents to site as per scheduled works, any issues relating to delays commencing with works beyond the control of BASC Services (including access), a minimum fee of $120 (INC GST) or value of job up to minimum fee will be incurred by the Client.


  1. Site inductions and online inductions required by the Client are not included within the price of this Proposal, unless otherwise stated. Such site inductions and online inductions will incur an additional charge of $88 (INC GST) per half hour or part thereof.


  1. All accounts are to be paid in full upon completion of works on the day unless other arrangements have been made prior to commencing. Real Estate Agents, Schools, Colleges, Maintenance and Construction Companies are to pay accounts within 14 days.


  1. In the event payment is not received within 3 days of the original due date (as shown on invoice), the Client may incur a late fee of 10% which will be added to the invoice price on the 4th day post due date and thereafter interest shall be incurred on overdue payments daily at the rate of 10% per annum from date of due payment until eventual date of payment.


  1. The client will be liable to BASC Services for any costs and disbursements incurred by BASC Services in pursuing recovery of the debt including legal costs on an indemnity basis and any collection agency costs.


  1. Words denoting the singular shall include the plural and works noting the masculine shall include the feminine and vice versa. Where the client consists of more than one person, the persons shall be jointly and severally liable.


  1. In the event that any of the provisions or conditions or part thereof herein cannot be given effect or full force and effect by reason of any statutory invalidity, uncertainty or otherwise the said provision or conditional part thereof as the case may be shall be severed, ignored or read down restrictively to maintain and uphold so far as possible remaining conditions and provisions hereof.