Air Conditioner Cleaning

Many of us forget about the air conditioning units humming steadily away in our homes and offices but every now and then we need to pay them a little attention. And we don’t just mean cleaning out the filters. That task is simply part of regular maintenance for the machine. In order to keep your air conditioning unit not only running well but safely, the entire head unit needs to undergo regular servicing to prevent microbial contamination.

The basic principle of an air conditioner is that it uses the standard air from any room or outside and cools it within the ‘air handler’ by passing it through an evaporator, a type of heat exchange coil. This cold air then is blown back into the room. Simple. And yet that entire process leaves behind tiny particles of water as well as dust and dirt from the air which has been cooled, by-products which, together, can make for a nasty combination. This build up can lead to microbial contamination such as mould, mildew or other biological pollutants but regular maintenance can minimise this effect.

Although air conditioner units are fitted with filters, these can only prevent a certain amount of the debris in the air getting inside. Over time, particles which do get through build up and can become breeding grounds for pores, fungi and mould. Which, in turn, will be circulated back into your house or office via the machine itself. Aside from this simply being a highly unpleasant process, this microbial contamination can cause health problems and distribute volatile organic chemicals (VOCs) into your office or home. There are a number of signs which you need to be aware of which could suggest microbial contamination, including:

  • Asthma attacks
  • Frequent colds or flu
  • Allergies
  • Hay fever
  • Sore eyes/throat
  • Respiratory/Chest problems
  • Fatigue

Now there are a few basic steps you yourself can take towards cleaning out your air conditioning unit but at least twice every year, between major season changes, we highly recommend you get in a professional to perform a thorough deep clean and run regular maintenance checks. These cleans not only protect air conditioner users but also allow the machine to perform more efficiently and effectively. They are also proven to prolong the life of the unit. By using an antimicrobial cleaning product in your home or office, you can take an easy step towards reducing the chance of microbial contamination in the unit.

As a landlord, business owner or home owner, it is your responsibility to ensure your air conditioning unit is not only running correctly but not endangering those whom it serves at the same time. Call BASC Services today and arrange for one of our team to perform a regular maintenance check and a deep clean on your machines. We can also show you how best to personally maintain the air conditioner in the future to reduce the build-up before your next professional service.

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