Kitchen Partner

Recently, BASC Services was invited to partner with Cabinet Craft Sunshine Coast, one of the area’s leading kitchen designers and manufacturers. We love to work alongside fellow skilled labourers who are experts in different fields because it means we learn a little from them as we go. And we hope they learn from us too.

Cabinet Craft Sunshine Coast is a local company with years of experience in kitchen renovations. Both cost-effective and with fully-customised products, Cabinet Craft have a great reputation for delivering quality cabinets to fit any home. As well as kitchens, Cabinet Craft also fit bathroom cabinets, the new fixtures able to breathe new life into tired, old washrooms. Just like BASC Services, Cabinet Craft pride themselves on their customer service, their tailored plans and designs, and their flexible budget options.

So what was BASC Services doing for Cabinet Craft? Well, the company itself specialises in cabinets, as the name suggests, but several recent jobs involved refurbishing an entire kitchen. As expert local electricians, BASC Services were called to install all of the appliances and more. Our jobs ranged from the standard installation of the oven and dishwasher down to the fixtures and fittings such as the lights and the fans. We worked side by side with Cabinet Craft to deliver our clients their dream kitchens.

Brisbane is not a large city and we think it has a distinctly community feel. That’s why we love to partner with fellow local businesses and work alongside one another to create the best possible end product for clients like you. By using and supporting locally run and supplied businesses, you’re becoming a part of that community and we’d love to welcome you into it. Contact BASC Services today and find out more about our services.

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