BASC Services recently completed an extension for this Brisbane home. These summer months provide us with fantastic weather to be able to enjoy our country’s beautiful outdoors but sometimes we want to spend time in the fresh air without exposing ourselves to the sun for long periods of time. That’s why this extension consisted of a durable concrete base and an extended roof, giving the family the outdoor and yet protected space they craved.

The job itself was fairly straight-forward. The BASC Services team worked to dig down into the land at the back of the property to create a bed for the concrete base. Once this was completed and the roof supports were in place, we poured in the concrete, keeping it in place using planks where necessary. With a mixture of skill and patience the concrete was levelled out until we had achieved a flawless finish.

The second half of the job was to construct an extended roof above the new patio. Our clients wanted to be able to use their new outdoor space in all weather, rain or shine, so a wide roof was attached to the existing building to provide complete coverage. Here at BASC Services we not only want to help our clients’ visions come to life but also for them to maximise the enjoyment they get from the work we do. This cover makes the area multi-purpose and a space they can enjoy all year around. It’s such a great idea.

If you would like to make better use of your outdoor space and you want an expert from BASC Services to visit your property for a free, no obligation consultation, contact us today and arrange an appointment.

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